About us

We are an organization that set out to bridge the gap between patients and access to affordable healthcare services. We recognize that access to patient-centered, evidence-based, culturally competent care remains scarce and we are the solution that will provide proficient virtual healthcare services to patients 12 and above. We aim to accomplish this by providing a user-friendly website and application platform that patients utilize to schedule an appointment easily and conveniently with a provider to help address their healthcare needs at an affordable price.Our excellent team is made up of experienced and highly skilled providers and personnel that are passionate about providing excellent customer service with your overall well-being and satisfaction being our top priority. We provide affordable routine, preventative, and emergent health care services such as medication refills, sick visits, work, and school return notes, ordering and review of routine lab tests, and men's and women's health reproductive health services just to mention a few via virtual or telephonic consults.